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U nás si můžete vybrat z několika druhů od začátečníků až po profesionály.

STANDART motokára SODI GT5 R 270

  • Minimální výška jezdce je 150 cm, doporučený minimální věk 15 let
  • Výkon 11 Hp

RACE motokára SODI SR4 390

  • Pouze pro zkušené jezdce
  • Časový limit:  pod 1:02 min  na  standart GT5 R
  • Výkon 16 Hp
  • Minimální věk jezdce 16 let

JUNIOR motokára SODI LR5 200

  • Pro začátečníky a mládež, výška 135–150 cm, doporučený věk 10–15 let
  • Výkon 6 Hp

Dvousedačka 2 Drive 390

  • Pro dospělého jezdce a dítě od 4 do 15 let
  • Výkon 13,5 Hp

Price list

HYGIENE HOOD - obligatory to rent a helmet 50, -

Type Go-kart Info Power Time Price Discounted admission (only Monday - Thursday between 10:00 - 14:00)
  Sodi GT5R 270 Minimum height from 150 cm, age 15 years. The go-kart service decides on the ability of minors to drive a go-kart. 11 Hp 13 minutes 350 CZK 300 CZK


Sodi SR4 390  Only for experienced riders, minimum age 16, time limit: under 1:02 on STANDART GT5R. 16 Hp 13 minutes 450 CZK 400 CZK


Sodi LR5  Height 135 - 150 cm, recommended age 10 - 15 years. 5,5 Hp 13 minutes 350 CZK 300 CZK


Honda 390   13,5 Hp 13 minutes 400 CZK 350 CZK

For safety reasons, children's go-kart rental does not run in full traffic.
The go-kart service decides according to the current traffic on the circuit.

During their stay, visitors to the complex are obliged, in addition to complying with generally valid legal regulations, to pay particular attention to the instructions of the operating staff.
They enter the complex of their own free will and at their own risk, with full awareness of the possible risks.

By purchasing the ride, you agree to the terms and conditions and operating rules.
Claims for any compensation from the operator are excluded.

Operating rules

Go-kart circuit KARTARENA Cheb

  1. Every new or inexperienced novice rider is obliged to be instructed by the staff before the ride on how to control the rented go-kart and on the principles and rules of conduct on the track.
  2. We recommend storing your personal belongings in lockers before driving. We are not responsible for the loss.
  3. When driving, it is mandatory to use a hygienic helmet (can be purchased together with the ticket), a safety helmet, which must be fastened, the protective visor of the helmet must be closed. We recommend wearing suitable sportswear, sturdy shoes, long sleeves and pants. It is not allowed to ride with a scarf and shawl around the neck, longer hair must be hidden under the hood and helmet.
  4. The first round counts as a reconnaissance and warm-up, so drive slower!!! During it, get acquainted with the course of turns on the track, dangerous places and at the same time warm the tires and the engine to a safe operating temperature.
  5. Don't overestimate your riding skills! Choose a speed at which you will be able to safely control the go-kart. It is forbidden to overtake dangerously, risk injuries and endanger other riders.
  6. Go-karts are a contactless sport!! Therefore, avoid collisions that could endanger health or damage the rental equipment.
  7. You must not hit another rider, push him off the track or otherwise endanger him while driving. Do not zigzag, do not change the track abruptly. Don't stop at the starting line.
  8. Contact driving - pushing out and pushing each other as a dangerous ride can be stopped immediately by the operator without the right to a refund!!!
  9. There is a strict ban on driving in the opposite direction.
  10. There is a strict ban on stopping on the starting line or elsewhere on the track and especially not behind corners in a fast ideal line.
  11. Do not get off the go-kart while driving!! If you have to stop while driving, park the go-kart safely off the racing ideal line.
  12. There is a strict ban on entering the track.
  13. Prohibition of driving if ingestioned and suspected of using alcohol and other prohibited drugs.
  14. It is forbidden to shorten the ride across the lawn.
  15. Raise your arm to signal danger to other riders and call the go-kart staff.
  16. At the instruction of the staff - lowering the barrier - stop the ride and drive at a moderate speed to the right of the barrier off the track to the marked stopping area.
  17. Take the utmost care and keep an eye on where the other riders are.
  18. If you turn the go-kart in the opposite direction, make sure the track is clear before turning.
  19. Riding minors under 15 years of age only accompanied and with the consent of a legal representative.
  20. Only the go-kart staff decides on the suitability and possibility of driving children's go-karts.
  21. The operator is not liable for any accidents caused during operation on and off the line.
  22. In case of an accident due to non-compliance with operating and safety instructions and damage to go-kart parts or other equipment, we charge compensation.
  23. The operator is not liable for damages and personal injury caused to oneself or others in case of non-compliance with operating and safety instructions. The safety of children is the responsibility of their legal representatives or a person authorized by them over the age of 18.
  24. Each go-kart rider participates in the ride at his own risk.
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Make somebody happy with a gift voucher
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