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We enjoy jumping, climbing and romping. Come and try it too! A large selection of attractions will entertain the whole family.

Olympic trampoline
Olympic trampoline

Although it does not seem so, trampolines have their roots in the Middle Ages. They used to use flexible boards to help them reach the heights. The steps to make the trampoline were taken by the Eskimos, who made them from walrus skin.

Inflatable airback
Inflatable airback

Landing area of 25 square meters, where you can safely land from a height of 1.5 meters or 2 meters.

Trampoline site
Trampoline site

Trampoline wherever you look. Practice your jumps and tricks of all kinds on sixteen trampolines.

Climbing wall
Climbing wall

Climb as far as you can, falling into the foam sea is both 100% safe and fun.

Foam sea
Foam sea

In the sea full of soft foam, the smallest and most fearful jumpers can practice various tricks.

Competing on the balance beam
Competing on the balance beam

Your dexterity and balance decide on the balance beam. Imagine a deep abyss or glowing lava below you and you will see for yourself how you will try!


There is no need to be tall up to two meters, with us you can score like in the NBA quite easily! Jump up and put your best shot in life or practice some great things.

Spider wall
Spider wall

jump on the Velcro - put on a special outfit, jump to the proper height and stick to the Velcro, until you try, you don't believe what fun it is.

Ninja track
Ninja track

Games without borders, ninja factor and monkey tracks from childhood… all this comes to mind at the start of our ninja track. Show what kind of warrior is hiding in you. Two tracks for time will allow you to race in pairs.

Operating rules

Safety instructions for visitors



General obligations

  1. The operating rules and safety instructions of Jumparena Cheb are obligatory for all visitors to the park.
  2. Every visitor is obliged to get acquainted with these operating rules and safety instructions before entering the trampoline area.
    By entering the trampoline area, visitors agree to these operating rules and take them into account.
  3. All visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the staff and especially to take extra care when moving in the premises of Jumparena.
  4. Entry to the trampoline area is possible individually or in groups.
  5. Entry of individuals into the trampoline area:
    • 5.1. for persons under the age of 12, entry is possible only accompanied by a legal representative and his presence in the park for the entire duration of the visit.
    • 5.2. for persons under the age of 15, entry is possible only accompanied by a legal representative (parent). He must bring/escort him to the park and pick him up again. Children under the age of 15 alone without an adult will not be allowed into the complex where the park is located.
  6. Entry of persons in groups including persons from 110 cm in height but under 18 years of age is only possible with the supervision of a person over 18 years of age (inclusive) who is responsible for persons under 18 years of age.
  7. The visitor agrees to undergo an orientation breath test for alcohol in case of doubt.
  8. Smoking is not allowed in the whole area.
  9. The visitor is entitled to use a locker to store his personal belongings. The operator is not responsible for damage or theft of things that occur to the visitor outside the lockers.
  10. Visitors acknowledge and agree that the area is monitored by a camera system recording image and sound, for reasons of safety, protection of property and health.


Conditions for entering the trampoline area:

  1. For hygienic and safety reasons, entry to the trampoline area is only permitted in non-slip socks and sportswear which will not endanger other visitors or damage the facilities of the complex. In particular, visitors must not carry items that endanger their health and the health of other visitors or could damage the facilities of the complex, such as scarves, chains, bracelets, knives and other sharp objects, chewing gums, keys, belts, watches, earrings, jeans with sharp studs etc.
  2. Before entering the trampoline area, visitors are obliged to empty their pockets so that they do not contain any dangerous objects (especially any sharp objects, mobile phone, keys, etc.).
  3. Visitors are advised to enter the trampoline area without glasses, the operator is not responsible for their damage.
  4. It is forbidden to enter under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances.
  5. It is forbidden to bring drinks and other food (drinks can be stored on benches before entering the trampolines, food can be eaten in the bar section of the park at the tables).
  6. It is forbidden to enter with an animal.
  7. Before entering the trampoline area, each visitor is obliged to draw attention to any health restrictions that could have a negative effect on the health while sporting activities.
  8. The entry of a visitor who has a respiratory or infectious disease is prohibited. The staff of Jumparena Cheb reserves the right not to allow visibly ill people into the arena.
  9. Entry to the park is always possible on the hour, after listening to safety instructions from the park staff and only in non-slip socks and sportswear.


Safety instructions for trampoline area behavior

  1. In the trampoline area, visitors are obliged to take extra care and attention during sports activities, not to overestimate their strength.
  2. While sports activities in the park area, it is forbidden to:
    • 2.1. jump on one leg, always jump on both legs at once,
    • 2.2. put any objects or clothes on the trampolines,
    • 2.3. jumping double, triple flips or any acrobatic elements,
    • 2.4. sit or lie on trampolines or impact areas,
    • 2.5. jump to an occupied trampoline,
    • 2.6. any wrestling with other visitors or any other rudeness,
    • 2.7. pushing, running, chasing and racing in the whole arena (also applies outside the area of ​​attractions),
    • 2.8. gliding on a sloping trampoline wall,
    • 2.9. enter under trampolines and in the background of the park,
    • 2.10. catching, climbing and hanging on any raised mats or nets,
    • 2.11. jumping on the safety mats that cover the trampoline structure and springs, always jump in the middle of the trampoline,
    • 2.12. jumping or hanging on a fence,
    • 2.13. jumping flips or other risk jumps is only possible under the guidance of a coach.
  3. Visitors are obliged to jump on trampolines at safe distances from each other to avoid collisions and possible injuries. When resting on the ridges, it is necessary to pay attention to other jumpers. Jumping from the platforms is only possible if no one jumps on the given trampoline.
  4. Only one person can jump on one trampoline - this also applies to longer trampoline lanes.
  5. The maximum weight of a jumping person is 130 kg.
  6. When playing ball games on trampolines, it is necessary to use only the balls provided by the operator, the balls must not be kicked, thrown on the head and upper body, after being hit by the ball, leave the dodgeball area. Do not throw the ball at people who are already out or at those who are not expecting the ball.
  7. Visitors must not damage the trampolines and other facilities located in the area in any way.
  8. When falling, the visitor must not put his hands back / behind him / below him, but must keep them close to his body and push his chin to his chest. It is recommended to keep your mouth closed and your teeth clenched when jumping to avoid tongue injury.
  9. If the visitor feels any nausea or fatigue, he is obliged to stop the sports activity.
  10. Visitors are obliged to immediately report the staff of Jumparena Cheb:
    • 10.1. any injuries or other health complications of themselves or another visitor,
    • 10.2. any damage to the equipment in the trampoline area and the park facilities,
    • 10.3. serious violation of these operating rules and safety instructions.
  11. The visitor or the relevant responsible person of the visitor (legal representative, supervision) acknowledges and agrees with the record of the injury, accident and circumstances of the accident, including witnesses of the injury or accident in the accident book, which the operator is obliged to keep for this purpose. The operator, through the staff of Jumparena Cheb, is obliged to immediately record every injury or accident in the accident book.


Complience with the rules, responsibility

  1. All visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the staff of Jumparena Cheb.
  2. Every visitor is obliged to behave in such a way as to prevent injury or damage.
  3. All visitors were acquainted with the safety instructions before entering the sports ground and undertook to follow them when entering the sports ground.
  4. In case of any non-compliance with safety rules, instructions of the park staff, damage to the equipment located in the park or other inappropriate behavior of the visitor, the staff of Jumparena Cheb is entitled to expel the visitor from the premises at any time. In this case, the visitor is not entitled to a refund.
  5. If the customer is caught using the trampolines and attractions outside the reserved and paid time, he will pay the full entrance fee for the next hour without the possibility of finishing it.
  6. The operator is not liable for any injuries or damage caused by customer's own negligence, carelessness, failure to take into account his own health condition, his capabilities and abilities, or non-compliance with these operating rules and safety rules.

There is a risk of serious injury if the safety instructions are not followed. All visitors were acquainted with the safety instructions before entering the sports ground and undertook to follow them when entering the sports ground. In case of non-compliance with safety rules and endangering other visitors to the park, the staff has the right to expel the visitor from the park, without the possibility of returning the entrance fee.


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