Indoor go-karts


Naše motokáry

Disponujeme 20 elektro-motokárami značky SODI.


  • Power 11 Hp - max 11 thousand rotations per minute

ELEKTRO double kart SODI X2Drive

  • Kart for 2 people
  • Driver - at least 15 years old and 140 cm
  • Passenger - designed for children who cannot control the go-kart themselves

4 power levels:

  • When entering the runway and ending the ride
  • Children's - minimum height 140 cm/from the age of 10 years
  • Normal ride for an adult up to 130 kg, age from 15 years
  • For experienced riders meeting the qualifying time at level no. 3

Electric go-kart control - download


Price list

HYGIENE HOOD - obligatory for renting a helmet 70,-

Type Go-kart Info Level Time Price Discounted admission (Monday - Thursday only between 10:00 -14:00)


Sodi RSX 2 Minimum height from 140 cm 3 10 minutes 250 CZK 200 CZK


Sodi RSX 2 Alter 15 years 4 10 minutes 350 CZK 280 CZK


Sodi RSX 2
Minimum height from 140 cm
2 10 minutes 250 CZK 200 CZK

By purchasing the ride, you agree with the terms and conditions and operating rules.
Claims for any compensation by the operator are excluded.

Operating rules

Before entering the cartarena, it is important to:

  • Register
  • Have suitable clothes and a hygienic hood that you can buy from us
  • Take out from the pockets all the small items (keys, money, phone, etc.) that you can store in a lockable box that is available with us
  • Follow the instructions of the go-kart staff

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes earlier, due to safety briefings.

Rules and safety instructions for indoor go-karts KARTARENA Cheb

  1. Before entering the track, each visitor is obliged to get acquainted with the operating rules and undertakes to comply with them.
  2. Go-kart riding is at your own risk and the operator is not liable for damage or injury.
  1. The visitor must always follow the staff instructions.
  2. It is forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  3. Persons under the age of 15 may only drive accompanied by a parent or legal representative.
    • 5.1 Persons aged 15-18 are possible unaccompanied, but must have a signed registration by their legal representative.
  4. The operator is not liable for items stored outside the locker, which is designated for this purpose in the Kartarena Cheb complex.
  1. Every racer is obliged to wear a safety helmet.
  1. It is forbidden to wear scarves, shawls when riding and in the case of long hair it is necessary to adjust them so that they are not caught.
  1. Every visitor of Kartarena Cheb is obliged to follow the operating rules and staff instructions. Do not endanger other riders with your ride. Each racer rides only at his own risk and responsibility. He agrees to follow the rules and is aware of the risks arising from non-compliance.
  1. It is strictly forbidden to intentionally collide with protective barriers and other go-karts.
  1. The visitor must adapt his style and ride to his abilities so as not to endanger his health, the health of his co-drivers and the operator's property.
  1. He must not contaminate the track, throw objects and endanger the co-drivers and go-kart staff.
  1. If he sees that someone is faster, he is obliged not to prevent him from overtaking and will let him go.
  1. There is a strict ban on entering the track.
  1. The visitor must take extra care when getting on and off the go-kart.
  1. It is forbidden to endanger, restrict or push other racers out of the track while driving. In this case, the competitor will be excluded from the race without refund.
  1. In case of a collision or for technical reasons of inability to ride, the racer must not get out of the go-kart or otherwise manipulate the go-kart. By raising his hand, he calls the go-kart staff, who straightens the go-kart in the direction of travel. In case of a breakdown, the go-kart will be taken safely to the depot.
  1. At the end of the ride, he has to drive slowly to the depot without endangering his co-drivers and go-kart staff.

I have read and I agree to the safety rules and instructions above.

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Make somebody happy with a gift voucher
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